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EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Electric vehicles are the future of motoring.
EV costs, infrastructure to support them,  and the speed to charge them are all improving dramatically.
Together with energy policy and attractive incentives promoting EV adoption, EV's are the wave of the future.

ECS provides the full package in one turnkey e-mobility solution including :

  • Initial site walk & proposal

  • Rebate and incentive administration

  • Full hardware installation

  • Software networking

  • Data tracking and reporting to meet utility program requirements

Electric Car Battery Charging
Rebates & Incentives 

As we transition to an electric infrastructure there are generous rebates and incentives available to buy down initial costs. 


  • ConEd Make Ready Program will cover up to 100% of utility side infrastructure costs. 

  • NYSERDA Charge Ready Program offers up to $4K per charging port. 

  • Federal tax credits give up to 30K for EV charger installation at your business.

  • Stacking various programs means your out-of-pocket cost is minimal. 


Level 1

110 Volt system/15 amps


Approximately 5 miles of range per hour (home)

Level 2

208/240 Volt system/40 or 50 amp


Approximately 25 miles of range per hour; accounts for 90% of charging needs)

Level 3

480 Volts/100 amps –



Will charge a car to completion in approximately 45 minutes



Multi segmented hardware solutions

Various capabilities and form factors


Smart charging capabilities


Wifi/Zigby/4G cellular connectivity


Integrated cord management

Single or dual plug

Purchase outright or lease

Proprietary and/or universal plugs



Manage your EV charging stations from your smartphone or computer


- Remotely adjust pricing, hours of operation & access control

- Enable energy saving features such as load-balancing, smart queueing, and participation in demand response events

-Monitor station health in real time
Collect user data such as vehicle type, usage frequency, average charge time, and more


-Manage charge cards and user groups



Our promise as your EV partner

We provide custom solutions to meet your needs and budget 
We are transparent every step of the way 
Manufacturer and software agnostic
We help your bottom line
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