Plug Load Controller


Plug Control

Allows for wireless monitoring and control of outlets. Integrates with building schedules to allow for calendar events such as holidays.
Depending on the preferred protocol, Autani can monitor outlets across Zigbee or Bluetooth protocols.



  • Easy-to-install automatic receptacle control for 120VAC 15 to 20amp outlets suitable for new construction and upgrade projects

  • Integrated, mechanically switched relay controls one or both receptacles by any combination of schedule, occupancy/vacancy, demand response, and activity of plug loads

  • Occupancy sensors and scheduling are shared with ARC and AFC series lighting controllers

  • Local over-ride to manually switch receptacles ON or OFF with LED status indicators

  • On-board energy monitoring to measure and track power consumption of plug loads in real time

  • Fail safe operation maintains local control of receptacles at all times

  • autaniNetsecure wireless 2.4GHz communications with other network devices

  • UL, FCC, and IC certified

Product Specs:

Load Capacity: 15A @ 120VAC

Input Voltage: 120VAC typ.

Max. Switching Power: 1800VA


Radio Network (autaniNet):

  • IEEE 802.15.4-2003 2.4GHz ISM

  • Approx. 600’ LOS transmit/receive

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