Programming Instruction

There are a few steps to be able to commission your Puro device via the Puro program


 1) You must have the Puro program on your computer – you can download it here:  


 2) You will need to make sure your computer can interact with your Puro device, which requires your computer to have a static IP address. To set this up:


3) Connect your computer to your Puro device with an Ethernet cable.


4)Plug in your Puro device to an outlet. When properly hooked up, the Puro device will not run a disinfection cycle, but to be safe, please protect yourself by aiming it away from you or keep motion in front of it.

  • Go to Network Access

  • Click on “Change Adapter Options”

  • Right Click on Ethernet Adapter

  • Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

  • Click on Properties

  • Click on “Use the following IP address”

  • The first IP address should be

  • Change the Subnet Mask IP address to

  • Accept changes

While keeping your computer connected to your Puro unit, and the Puro unit plugged in for power, you should now be able to open the Puro program and connect. If you are having any trouble, please check your firewall settings and make sure the commissioning tool is not being blocked.

Open the app and follow in-app instructions as shown below.

1 Welcome Screen.JPG

Upon opening the Puro program, you will see the welcome screen. Click on the Next button on the bottom right.

You will then be prompted to Connect to your unit by pressing on the Connect button at the bottom.

2 Connect to Unit.JPG

Click on the Verify button on the bottom to confirm connection with your Puro device.

3 Verify Connection.JPG

You should then see the page showing that you are connected to your Puro device. Click on the Next button on the bottom right.

4 Connection Confirmed.JPG
5 Select Mode.JPG

Select your mode and click on Next.

First option is Single Cycle Mode – this option is for single uses of your Puro devices, meaning you will plug it in or turn the switch on each time you want it to run. You can choose between 15 and 30 minute cycles, and you can choose the time it take to start after detecting no motion. Click on Next to proceed.

6A Single Cycle - Options.JPG

Second option is Scheduled Mode. This is for devices that are staying plugged in and are to be run at certain times daily. You can select the length of the cycle and how long it takes to start after it stops detecting motion. You can select up to 4 different times throughout the course of the day for the unit to run its cycle. When done, click on Next on the bottom right.

7A Scheduled Mode - Options.JPG

Then to finalize your settings from any of the modes you chose, click on the Program button on the bottom right. This will update the programming on your Puro device to the setting you just selected.

7B Scheduled Mode - Confirmation.JPG

Your device is now programmed! You can Exit or Program Another device.

8 Success!.JPG
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