What are rebates​?

Rebates are cash incentives offered by Utilities or Government Programs to encourage the installation of energy efficient equipment. These rebates help lower the project cost of the energy-saving measures, which in turn shortens the payback period and makes the investment more attractive. Essentially, you are being paid to save!


Why are rebates offered? 

But why would a utility pay people to use less of what they are selling? 

Energy consumption in the US is increasing every year, the already strained grids in many areas are struggling to supply sufficient, reliable electrical power to consumers. Utilities may not have the capital to make infrastructural changes or expand power plant capacity to support the growing demand of energy. Subsidizing the cost of their customer’s energy efficient equipment so that energy demand is reduced will aid in removing some load from the grid and possibly prolong the viability of the current infrastructure.


The rules and processes for acquiring rebates can vary greatly from region to region. As there are thousands of utility companies nationwide, many with their own unique requirements. 

We have acquired millions of rebate dollars for our customers  and  can help you to navigate accessing funding for your energy efficiency projects.

See below  available programs and lighting incentives offered across New York and New Jersey

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