There is no single solution in the fight against germs, but Germicidal Lighting is a best practice measure. Different wavelengths of light have been proven to kill and inhibit the growth of microbes, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Unlike intermittent standard cleaning or even more extensive deep-cleaning approaches, germicidal lights eliminate potential for human error/carelessness and do not leave behind harmful chemicals.

We offer a wide range of disinfection products, from antibacterial to antiviral. Whether you are looking to disinfect surfaces or kill viruses in the air, we have products that are ideal for entire rooms or even individual items. Our UV products 


Certain lighting has been proven to eliminate 99.9% microbes, fungi, and bacteria, and since it is safe for humans, can be used in a continuous and unrestricted application. We call this Antimicrobial Continuous Disinfection Lighting (ACDL). This will not kill viruses. See our ANTIVIRAL DISINFECTION offerings.

These light fixtures are made in traditional form factors so they can replace your existing lights, thereby serving the dual purpose of disinfecting and providing general lighting. By working with industry leaders like GE and Vital Vio, we offer products such as 2x2 and 2x4 troffers, downlights, strips, wraps, and more! Contact us for details.



UV Disinfection


Using UV light to kill viruses has been done for many decades in the medical field, mostly in operating rooms. With the current pandemic, these same technologies have been built out for a broader application. Certain wavelengths of UV light cause deadly photo-chemical reactions in the RNA and DNA of microorganisms, which stops them from reproducing and eventually kills them. Since most UV light can be harmful to humans, these specialty fixtures are used when a room is unoccupied. 

We offer a variety of Antiviral Disinfection options including Pulsed UV, UV-C Specific and Far-UV.



Puro products, powered by Violet Defense Technology, use short bursts of light spanning majority of the UV spectrum, which is most effective for affecting all types of microorganisms and viruses. They only need a short time to work (between 15 and 60 minutes) and are either mobile or can be permanently installed. 

Puro Products are available for purchase now.

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We also offer lighting products that work on specific wavelengths that are designed to target viruses, ensuring a virus-free result. These products, like the ones from Xtralight, are mobile so they can easily be moved and used for multiple rooms. 



Research is being done to show that Far-UVC is safe for humans while being deadly to viruses. Manufacturers such as Lighting Science have products ranging from traditional form factor downlights, to self-contained units that disinfect individual items. They  even offer innovative products like their FAR- UVC  door portal.

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Studies have shown that airborne pathogens stay in the air for up to 4 days. Even ones that have landed frequently get stirred up again by air movement. By neutralizing airborne viruses, we can effectively eliminate them from the entire room. A small fixture with intake/outflow capabilities that has an antiviral UV-C disinfecting chamber can double as an ideal air purification system. 

We have access to these antiviral air sterilization fixtures, which either can  be utilized as a light fixture or be a standalone purifier. These types of medical grade fixtures have been used  for years in the health care industry.. 



 We know that indoor environments are at high risk as they are continually exposed to viruses, bacteria, mold and  allergens. These pollutants can quickly contaminate air and surfaces and stay active and infectious for extended periods of time, risking health and lives.


 Because air naturally moves to the upper room via convection currents, creating a UV germicidal upper room zone with is  very effective at killing in-room, airborne microorganism. The lower part of the room is kept relatively UV-C free, minimizing exposure to persons in the lower part of the room.

Upper Air fixtures offer targeted, high-level UV disinfection and are designed for constant use, there by continuously inactivating airborne infectious agents. Upper Air germicidal UV is suitable for indoor environments, including spaces with no HVAC in place, that need immediate airflow, circulation, and disinfection. 


This technology has many unique applications, especially for use in high-occupancy settings such as jails, homeless shelters, and emergency rooms, where unsuspected infectious persons may be present. .






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Suppy Lines



As Americans transition back into working environments, the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers is paramount. Touchless controls reduce points of human contact, while also maximizing overall building efficiency. Installing these systems is easy and affordable, helps reduce electrical usage, and will increase confidence in the safety of your space.

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